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rated it: posted: Apr 25, 2016
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Work of art in motion. Well, I guess all animated movies are like that haha, but this one really feels like a painting in motion. Honestly, everything about this movie showcases the best of animation of its' time.
Backgrounds are fantastic. They are not artificially brightened and don't have any special effects on them to look more ''cheerful'' or anything, no. They are natural, blend in well, excellently conveying the monotone, slice of life feeling of the depths of the forest, and they don't overwhelm the characters while still being gorgeous to look at.
Animation is excellent, smooth and natural looking.
However, what really stands out is the music. It's powerful and emotional, portraying and complimenting the situation really well.

This film didn't need words, action and dialogue to succeed. The emotion in it and obvious dedication behind it does the job.

animated movie Bambi © Disney
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