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rated it: posted: Apr 25, 2016
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Harmless and cute continuation of the great Lion King trilogy, and a great way to introduce younger audience to this classic.
Sure, it takes some time for those who have long known the original movies to get used to different voices, models and roles of the main characters, but it's a minor thing honestly.
Animation wise it looks okay, nothing too spectacular. The movement and basic models of the characters seem off, but I honestly don't expect more from TV show. The backgrounds are pretty nice,not too impressive, but pretty enough to look at. Music is honestly one of the harder aspects to judge - while there are many songs that just feel like filler and have no redeeming value whatsoever other than to move the plot along, some are indeed catchy and nice. So, I guess I should say the music is mediocre.
The plotlines, though predictable, rushed and suited for younger audiences, are still nice and don't actually get annoying unlike they do in some shows.

Yet, the thing that I like the most about The Lion Guard is that it makes the Pridelands feel much more alive. In the original trilogy all we get to see of Pridelands outside our main lion characters and sidekicks are just animals playing cameo roles and walking around to serve as a background. In this series, animals other than lions are constantly used in the plotlines, get their own personalities and are there to actually serve the story. This way we get to learn more about the lands themselves outside just the Pride Rock inhabitants, which, in my opinion, is really nice and entertaining.

Fun series, definitely worth seeing if you're a loyal Lion King fan.

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