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rated it: posted: Feb 28, 2011
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I had only recently seen Anastasia through Netflix when I was on vacation, and it's easily won my heart ever since. I had first mistakened the movie to be from Disney, because everything was fantastic in story and quality. The animation, characters, effects, music, and feeling of the movie was perfect. Usually animation can be a bit skippy, but this film's animation was very smooth and fit in with the realistic image of a live film. The personalities of the character's expressions and voices were spot on and enjoyable. I loved how Anastasia and Dimitri constantly acted towards each other from beginning to end, and how their feelings changed for each other throughout the film. I'm also usually not one for romances, especially in animation, but I fell in love with this one. I'm a fan of Anastasia x Dimitri, they're an excellent couple. The sarcasm throughout the movie was a winner for me, too.

Now, usually I don't like the soundtrack animated movies give out. I tend to like skipping over scenes where a character decides to break out into a musical out of nowhere. However, Anastasia came across differently for me. I love both the music sung directly and/or indirectly from the characters, which is not often. Lately I have been going through an obsession with Anastasia and the music was a key point for me. I loved to listen to all of the songs multiple times.

Each character created an outstanding part in the film. I feel each other, even the cameos, had a very good story and plot to be in there. Even Puka, who played the creative part as a sign for Anastasia to go back to her old town. The characters were fun to watch and carried out a great emotion, which can be hard to do sometimes.

Overall, Anastasia is an outstanding film that warms the hearts of many. It's typically an unnapreciated film, but it deserves all of the respect and praise it can get. I can personally say, even though Anastasia is not a Disney princess, I still count her as my favorite princess if I'm ever asked. Anastasia is also one of my favorite romances, animations, and overall films of all-time.

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