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Maxtaro93's Review of Mune: Guardian of the Moon

rated it: posted: Jun 29, 2016
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Mune is one of the strangest animated projects ever churned out by the French, and not at all in the usual way. Its ambitions show, boasting a colorful, dazzling world of ideas unlike anything conceived by modern Hollywood animation, but it overindulges in these ambitions and ideas without making way for storytelling along these lines.

The titular character and his life's duties strike as familiar and problematic enough; he is given this name before he knows what occupation he's set himself up in. His plucky love interest and "ladies' man" sidekick can't help but end up as outdated, sexist sterotypes (case in point: the classic eyelash flutter), and all the villains fall under nearly every animated villain trope in the book. C2C's "Happy" also has a place on the soundtrack to make sure the film is as profitable as possible. How can a film this visually inspired blow its chance to be as original as it looks this hard?

On the bright side, the film occasionally makes use of its visual creativity just as well as it should, with some much-needed captivation to boot and some absolutely stunning hand-drawn animation sequences. However, it's an European Book of Life - a film that strives to accomplish rare feats in CG animation but does not take enough time to avoid the kind of clichés and narrative issues bound to water it down. No wonder it was the only film at the festival I had seen that nobody applauded.

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Mune: Guardian of the Moon
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