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rated it: posted: Aug 07, 2009
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Although it has been over 20 years since I have seen the film, I can still recall many of the images.

Svankmejer's use of inanimate objects that come alive, dolls, dollhouse furniture, animal parts and skulls remain as creepy today as they ever did. His sets and lighting create a melancholic atmosphere that defies easy categorization. This film is no exception.

The scene where the rabbit pulls itself off of the pegs in the display cabinet, for example, is particulalry unsettling since it leaves bits of fur and blood on the pegs.

Alice's transformation from little girl to doll as she falls down the hole is a masterful way of letting us know that she is not in the real world anymore.

What struck me most about the film is its insistence that the orignal novel be treated as more than a children's story.

For that, I tip my hat to the vision of Jan Svankmejer, master illusionist, animator and story teller. He has liberated Lewis Carroll's work from the cliches of Disney and those who would scrub the world of "unpleasant" images, no matter how real they are.

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