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Live killers Radio's Review of 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

rated it: posted: Apr 26, 2008
Reviews: 4 | Newcomer
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This with Kronk's New Groove and lion king 2 are the best DTV Sequels from disney that I have seen.

Its a realy good adventure film for one.
The look of the film is close to the first dalmations, and maybe one of the few that is close to the movie that came before it.

Thunderbolt was a good choice to put in and bring out to the 101 dalmation world, and lookes like now he's become one of the main characters now because of the film.

Theres not much to say thats bad, I think its a good film through and through. But at times the movie goes over the top to where it's crazy. Then at other times, the humor can be quite witty.

Theres nothing else I can say, I mean everybody else that did a review already pointed out the main points.

But if your a fan of 101 Dalmations try to fine this, it will be more then what you expect.

I am going to try find a copy of this ASAP!