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rated it: posted: Sep 01, 2012
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To me, A Cat in Paris is a perfect example of a three star movie. It is unique, has an interesting plot, fitting animation, and likeable characters. It doesn't contain the depth, beauty, or emotion of a three and half or four star film. It also doesn't suffer any major problems, which would bump it down to a lower rating. It's a very good movie that doesn't fall into the masterpiece category.

A Cat in Paris is an Oscar nominated French film. It tells the story of a cat named Dino who leads two lives. In the day he is the companion of a mute little girl named Zoe. At night Dino aids one of Paris' greatest cat burglars, Nico. Zoe has refused to speak ever since a notorious gangster killed her father. Zoe's mom is a police chief that is trying to hunt down her husband's murderer. Soon, Dino's two lives intersect and Nico and Dino spend a wild night trying to protect Zoe from gangsters.

A Cat in Paris is a movie that just about everyone can watch. It appeals to every age group. Even though, it might be too intense for very young children, it is a perfect family film. There is a real sense of danger and suspense, but the film is kept light enough thanks to some of the sillier moments. The humor is never out a place and always fits well within the context of the film. This is simply a well-told story. At a running time of 70 minutes, there is no time for useless scenes.

Stylistically this movie is interesting. Although, the animation isn't beautiful, the style fits the story. There are a few clever jokes done with the animation that I quite liked. I didn't particularly care for the human character designs, but I really liked how the city and animal characters were designed.

I only saw the English dub, but the voice acting was very good. The soundtrack was fitting, but I canít say I remember any of it.

Although it really doesn't stand up next to some of the greats and lacks anything particularity thought provoking, it is an extremely entertaining, unique, and well-made film. A Cat in Paris is definitely worth at least one watch.

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