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Toonboy's Review of Star vs. the Forces of Evil

rated it: posted: Jun 19, 2016
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I picked up watching this show in bits and pieces here and there, with nothing really standing out to me enough to become a constant fan. But let's face it. Disney XD shows are really good at that quality. Upon watching the season one finale recently, however, something about the episode forced me to pay closer attention to the show. It could've been the pitch perfect voice acting, over the top as it may be with Marco's parents. It could've been the not too shabby animation. Whatever it is, it culminated in some of the most earnest cartooning in an action/comedy hybrid format this side of The Powerpuff Girls, 2016 reboot notwithstanding.

At a basic level, SvtFOE reminds me of an odd mix or Courage the Cowardly Dog and Sailor Moon, were Sailor Moon somehow made into a witch that looks like Betty Spaghetti and saddled with freakish magical powers strong enough to destroy the very fabric of all space and time(as well as turn stuff into fluffy laser shooting puppies).

As I was watching Marco and Star do their... dimension hopping thing(done via a black hole carving pair of scissors), I realized that Marco and Star had chemistry, chemistry I haven't seen in a cartoon since, well, probably Batman and Robin or the aforementioned Powerpuff Girls. In any standard cartoon, Star would've been the damsel in distress, written in only for romance, with Marco being the one to save the day. Or a male and female hero team would've gone off into obvious directions, such as irreconcilable differences between girly and macho. While there might still be time later on to sneak in the mushy stuff, it is never heavily leaned on that there could be romantic tension between the two. Despite her magical pretty princess outward appearance, Star is also quite capable of delivering a punch to the face. Marco is karate expert but is also just a normal human boy(and is thus probably the more likely of the two to get captured). He also likes a ringtone called Space Unicorn.

The characterizations of these two honestly made me start to care for them. Certainly enough to laugh at the lame jokes and sight gags, as if they were played straight. And certainly enough to go along for the ride during the episode's intriguingly gripping climax, upon reflection of which, I never realized this show's episodes HAD climaxes. It was such a shame the writers had to sabotage the emotional impact somewhat by resorting to a deus ex machina. Even so, I can't wait to see what weirdness Season Two brings. They really should try and kick up the villains.

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