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rated it: posted: Feb 29, 2012
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Why is Roger Corman in this film. Who is Roger Corman, you ask? Well, before I get onto saying something vaguely relevant, let me lay out this suss...

Let's go back to 1978 and the wonderous lyrical masterpiece 'Piranha'. Produced by Corman, and... yes, Corman gets Joe Dante his first gig as director. So, forgodever later, Dante directs a film and smilingly sticks Roger Corman into it (he's the director who yells 'cut' when B.Fraser falls off the roof).

Why does this matter? It doesn't. Nor does this film.


Yes, this is better than 'Space Jam'. So was The Boer War in relation to WW I. Such was 'Police Academy' to 'Police Academy VI'. Such are ants to very small ants.

It seems ghastly to harp on this, but in about 1987 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' revolutionsed animation; made it cool for adults to like cartoons for the first time in 30-odd years.

WFRR was a blockbuster - not just in a financial sense, but in an epochal one. I remember sitting there in the cinema with my jaw hitting the floor, thinking 'How in hell did they DO that?', whilst being transfixed with the magical realism of the thing.

Guess what: with umpteen years of technology between the two films, this one looks pathetic. The director and actor (Hoskins) of WFRR said they'd love to do another film like it, but it was so exhausting they didn't think it was possible. They were right. In WFRR, despite its ancient technology, the characters had mass, weight, velocity: they obeyed the observed laws of physics. They felt like real people who, if they crashed into you, would knock you over. When Jessica plays with Marvin Acme's jowls they flop about. When Daffy gets into the face of WB producers it just looks like a 2D character imposed onto RL film ala 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks'.

Technalaties aside, there are some memorable moments. Like the museum scene. And.... well like the museum scene.

Not wretched, but a lazy, stupid mess.

Ok, close to wretched.

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