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rated it: posted: Jul 31, 2009
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The very first Road Runner short. I have to admit that when I was a kid, he was my fave WB character. I even had a dream about him once - which is odd, when you consider he has almost no character. A bit more in this early one, perhaps.

But wait. This may be the first Wile.E. vs Roadrunner, but haven't we been here before with Bugs vs Elmer, Bugs vs Daffy, Sylvester vs Tweety, Sylvester vs Speedy, or, for that matter, Tom vs Jerry?

You all know the routine with Roadrunner shorts. This is no different, except it was the first one. Charles Jones comic timing elevates it above the average, and I'll give it a half star because it was the first of this particular incarnation of Warner's Spy vs Spy 'plot'.

Ultimately it's ok, but I could live without it.

NB: note that whereas the RR usually beeps in quavers, here he mostly does so in chrochets.

Also, this may be the only RR toon in which both WC and RR appear in drag.

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