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Howler's Review of Aladdin

rated it: posted: Feb 27, 2006
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It's really hard to write a decent review for a series ou haven't seen in a really long time; however, I think I remember enough of it to give a decent atempt.

My biggest problem with the series was that I've always enjoyed CLOSURE. The first movie ended. They didn't need more adventures. Everything had been resolved; why this?

However, my personal complaints aside. The series was good; especially compared to some other more recent series based on movies.

The animation was decent enough though, of course, no where near the original. The plots of each episode are what really made this worth watching. It had enough original and inventive villains to create plenty of fun plots without redundancy.

However, in the end, unless your a big fan of Aladdin I wouldn't recomend you track it down.

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