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rated it: posted: Jun 17, 2016
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Firstly I want to point out I never cried when Bambi's Mum got shot as she was used too many times in other films such as Jungle Book and Rescuers to name a few to make me beleive she was really dead when I was a child.

Now thats over with lets get on with the review shall we.

Animation wise this is absolultly stunning its like watching a work of art. Except sometimes theres confusion whether they want realistic looking characters e.g The Great Prince or cartoony ones e.g Thumper. The backgrounds are the best I have ever seen in an animated film to the point I wish I could remove the action and watch them instead.

Musicly this is beautiful especially my faverite background music of any film "The Gallop Of The Stags". The songs are nice though the singers can get a bit too operatic at times thank God for subtitles.

Story wise this is a nice coming of age story though like the Nostalgia Critic said after Bambi's Mum is shot and he meets up with his Dad we are hardly given time to take it in when they start bombarding us with happy thoughts so it felt like we wernt given time to breathe and take it in.

I highly recommend this film

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