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Watching Animated and Horror movies, Making animations, Reading, Playing Nintendo 3DS

Animation that I love:

Bambi, Rio, Surf's Up, Happy Feet Two, South Park, The Secret of NIHM, Happy feet, The Fox and the hound, Dumbo, Bambi II,

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animated movie Bambi © Disney
Rated it: 4
posted: Jul 07, 2012
Perhaps the first animated film to actually, "Touch" My heart.

"I went to bed the other night. it was 2/25/2012. The dream was, I was Bambi. It was VERY Strange. but when I woke up the following morning, I wanted to do research on the film. for the next 3 hours or so, I was watching clips, Trailers, music, and overall, EVERYTHING from the first Bambi movie. I really wanted to see it. I went to best buy, and picked it up for 20$. I saw it Monday night. and.....Wow. It was....jeez... Amazing. this one, and Bambi II, Are perhaps the only Disney movie I like. However, I will point out the negatives, and Positives.

POSITIVES: Film is very cute and sweet, Animation is one of the best I've seen. considering it came out in 1942. The ending

overall, This is movie is touching, Cute and overall brilliant. Bambi is arguably the best Disney movie ever made. My Rating, 9.9/10.