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I love to read books (I am a literary woman),I'm a cat lover; and also...I am autistic (but and I'm damn proud of it). And as for movies, I am an animation buff (mostly 2D), and do I love literary films (films based on books...especailly books I have).


Reading,Writing and World Mythology

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Gulliver's Travels (1939),
Disney's Sleeping Beauty,
Gay Purr-ee,
An American Tail,and...
Kung Fu Panda

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animated movie Coonskin © Paramount Pictures
Rated it: 4
posted: Apr 12, 2009
I had watched this film from Ralph Bakshi (Wizards, Hey Good Lookin'), one night ago on www.afrovideo.org, and I didn't see anything racial - I am not stupid. I do admit the character designs are a bit crude and unaccpectable today, but I think it's a satire and a very,very urban retelling of the old Uncle Remus stories that the Black American culture, created right down to the main characters and the blatant nod to "The Tar Baby" and "The Briar Patch." These aren't bigoted stories, mind you, but cultural icons created by Black Americans, and me being a white woman read and love those stories. And I also found it an interesting time-capsule view on the black culture in Harlem, New York in the 70's.

Well to get to the nitty-gritty of this film: This film is a live-action/animated film, which begins in live-action with a fellow named Sampson and the Preacherman rush to help their friend, Randy escape from prison, but are stopped by a roadblock and wind up in a shootout with the police. While waiting for them, Randy unwillingly listens to fellow escapee Pappy, as he begins to tell Randy the animated story of Brother Rabbit, a young newcomer to the big city who quickly rises from obscurity to rule over all of Harlem. You know, to me Rabbit,Bear and Fox are animal versions of Randy,Sampson and the Preacherman. An abstract juxtaposition of stylized animation and live action footage, the film is a graphic and condemnatory satire of stereotypes prevalent in the 70s racial, ethnic, and otherwise.

So anyway, it is another good Bakshi movie. And should we sweep films like this under the rug? pretend they never exist? I think that would be a shame. I think we should watch these films entacted, and learn about what goes on back then, just how far we come since then.

animated movie Cool World © Paramount Pictures
Cool World
Rated it: 4
posted: Mar 22, 2009
I just saw that movie on YouTube yesterday and I thought it's an awesome live-action/animated film. I do admit, Ralph Bakshi is an artistic genius and this is a great movie...even though I prefer his 1977 animated film Wizards. And though, I usually watched family-oriented animated films; but I guess, I am like wholesome vs taboo. Sure the film is not much of a comedy but it is high on fantasy to me.

So overall, I enjoyed it - this film and the soundtrack too. You know, Kim Basinger (Holli Would) was great in this film (though many people disagree) and also in Tim Burton's film version of Batman as Vicki Vale...even though she screams too much.

animated movie Dot and the Kangaroo © Yoram Gross
Dot and the Kangaroo
Rated it: 4
posted: Oct 09, 2008
I can remember very little about the "Dot" films from my childhood; except I think the 1987 film "Dot goes to Hollywood." I had recently ordered the DVD of this film, and watching it a few times, I really love it out the other "Dot" films - though I haven't seen some. And also I love kangaroos.

Based a children's book by Australian author Ethel C. Pedley, the film's about a girl named Dot is lost in the Australian bushland after chasing a bilby (a hopping rat) into the wood and losing sight of her home. She is approached by a red kangaroo, who gives her a strange root to eat. Upon eating the root, Dot is able to understand the language of all animals, and she tells the kangaroo her plight. The kangaroo, who has lost her own joey, decides to help little Dot despite her own fear of humans. I am even thinking of reading the original Pedley book - though as I said before: Not many people today know of books like this one.

Overall I love this film and I love 4 out of the 7 songs in the film.

animated movie Enchanted © Disney
Rated it: 4
posted: Nov 30, 2007
I have just saw Enchanted which was fantastic. I'm also glad that 2D is coming back to Disney, because as I said it, I grew up with the 2D Classics and I'll always love them for years to come. I mean 3D's great and all but it's fascinating as 2D. The animation for the scenes in Andalasia is beautifully done, and the characters (animated) are REAL dead-ringers to the actors in the film - Amy Adams,James Marsden and Susan Sarandon. I love Giselle, and I also love the pink dress in the beginning. You know, if she had wings she could have been a "Fairy" Princess). Admittedly in a way, Giselle is kind of like me : I believe in "Happily After Ever."

The film was a direct montage to the three Classic Disney Princess movies - Snow White,Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, and I love the Disney Princesses. I DO consider Giselle as one of them, and Mrs. Adams has been getting rave reviews. I have also bought the new doll wearing the pink outfit of course. So I think she deserves to be added to the list of Disney princesses, though she's in between worlds - animated Andalasia and real-life New York. My favorite song from the soundtrack is "True Love's Kiss," just to let you know.

animated movie Song of the South © Disney
Song of the South
Rated it: 4
posted: Nov 03, 2007
Song of The South is one of my favorite live action/animated movies,along with "The Pagemaster" and "Arthur and The Invisbles." Also I am starting to love The tales of Uncle Remus. And I love Br'er Rabbit, he is cute and he's just like a little boy: spirited and often he puts his foot into things. You know, it was hard to choose which of the three stories in the film I love. But I would have to say, I love "The Laughing Place" story, that always make me laugh. As for the live-action parts, I think Johnny & Ginny are cute kids.

You know something else, I wouldn't think of this film racial, as I heard said, all over the Internet. That was the way it was in Uncle Remus' time - The Emancipation of The Afro-American slaves in the southern United States.