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I love to read books (I am a literary woman),I'm a cat lover; and also...I am autistic (but and I'm damn proud of it). And as for movies, I am an animation buff (mostly 2D), and do I love literary films (films based on books...especailly books I have).


Reading,Writing and World Mythology

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Gulliver's Travels (1939),
Disney's Sleeping Beauty,
Gay Purr-ee,
An American Tail,and...
Kung Fu Panda

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animated movie The Secret Life of Pets © Universal / Illumination Entertainment
The Secret Life of Pets
Rated it: 4
posted: Sep 25, 2016
I got curious about this movie after seeing the trailers. Then my mom and I saw it in the theatre; I thought it is another great animated movie of the year. Also Max & Gidget are my favorite characters.

The story is about Max living a good life in his New York apartment with his beloved owner Katie. That is until Katie brings home a big, shaggy stray name Duke, who Max thought is trying to muscle in on his happy home. One day during a walk with the dog-walker, the resentive Duke tricks Max into travelling far into the city, and they are attacked by a feral cat gang in an alley. The cats remove Max and Duke's collars and the dogs are caught by the city's Animal Control. Fortunately the two dogs were saved by a rogue band called "The Flushed Pets". That is all I could tell you folks.

I don't have a favorite scene (as I said many times), because I love the whole film from beginning to end. I also love the movie's humor and great animation. One more thing to point out is that Max was so cute as a puppy! So overall, this is a great film for all pet lovers.

short film The Small One © Disney
The Small One
Rated it: 4
posted: Dec 03, 2015
Here is a favorite Christmas special from Disney, with great animation and a heart-warming story. I think this special is the only directorial job for Don Bluth before he left the Disney studio to create films like An American Tail, Thumbelina, etc. The story (as some of you might know it) is about a boy who has to sell his favorite donkey (and friend) named "Small One". But the problem is finding the prefect, kind owner for him. That's all I could tell you folks, you will have to see the film for yourself how it ends.

So anyway, I really love this special with it's really beautiful story and wonderful animation.

animated cartoon Fraidy Cat © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Fraidy Cat
Rated it: 4
posted: Jun 25, 2014
Here is a Tom & Jerry cartoon that is perfect for Halloween. I know it dosen't have much creepiness, but has the 'trick' as in "Trick or Treat," as Jerry did to Tom with the window blind and the vacuum-cleaner with a collared-shirt hanging on it to make it like a ghost. But still like to put it on my list of Halloween cartoons.

In this short, Tom was listening to the "Witching Hour," a ghost-story program on the radio, and being frightened by the horror story being told. Halfway into the story, the dramatics (hair standing on end, heart leaping into throat, icy chills on spine) begin happening to Tom . . . literally. And Jerry has been observing the whole thing and laughing to himself, thought he highen Tom fears by scaring him.

I love the ending, it was a little funny. And you know, this short is the first of four cartoons in which Tom attacks Mammy Two Shoes; the others being A Mouse in the House, Part Time Pal and Nit-Witty Kitty. And also This short is the first of twenty-five cartoons where Tom speaks too. So anyway, I love this short.

animated movie Animal Farm © Halas & Batchelor
Animal Farm
Rated it: 4
posted: Jul 22, 2013
At first I wasn't sure if I should read George Orwell's controversial novel, because my sister studied it in school and she didn't like it much. But I had read it and I find it excellent; so is this film. As in the original novel, the story follows a farm animal revolution which at first was successful until Napoleon the corruptive Berkshire boar took matters in his own "trotters."

I find this film from England's Halas and Batchelor Cartoon Films really well-done and I don't consider is "Disney-ish" as some think with the dark, violent content that's in it. Also I really must commemorate on the one-man performance by Maurice Denham, the Mel Blanc of British radio. So overall, I love this beautifully animated film. Though I would advise you folks not to show the film to your children around 7 to 10 years old.

animated cartoon Axe Me Another © Fleischer Studios
Axe Me Another
Rated it: 4
posted: Apr 02, 2013
This short is one of my favorite Popeye shorts animated by Seymour Kneitel & Roland Crandall. I am quite terribly particular about that, a favorite cartoon short from which year or a favorite short animated by someone.

In this lumber-jack short, Popeye rescues Olive from the river, because Pierre Bluto threw her in for not liking her spinach. I love Popeye's reaction upon hearing what Olive said "Anyone who hates spinach is my emeny!" So Popeye challenges Pierre to lumber-jack man-off contest. I love Popeye's "I'll do anything that you do," in a sing-song way. Of course Popeye outdid Bluto in the competition, and then the two have a fist-fight while trying to keep their balance on logs floating down the river! Naturally Popeye has his can of spinach on him and wins in the end. Speaking of the ending, I thought it was funny that Popeye and Olive force-fed Bluto mouthfuls of spinach, and Bluto is bawling like a baby when they feed him.

Overall, I love this cartoon from beginning to end.

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