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animated movie WALL•E © Pixar
Rated it: 4
posted: Jul 06, 2008
As I write this I am trying to think of another film so creative, so original, and so imaginative as Pixar’s WALL-E.

...I can’t do it. Perhaps the stunning visual effects, tear-jerking plot line, or thought-provoking message is overloading my RAM. Or maybe this really is the most creative, original, and imaginative film I’ve ever seen.

To describe this film in words would lower its poetic value. Indeed there are some emotions that simply cannot be expressed in any review and this film proves it definitively.

My review of WALL-E is my first posting on Keyframe. Though I’ve been a member for over a year I have hitherto declined to add my commentary. Most of the time after watching the films listed on Keyframe, I tend to agree with the general consensus, so reviewing does not seem of importance. I am a shy person by nature, but WALL-E and everything that the robot represents has convinced me that this film is simply too good not to vehemently recommend.

Note that unlike Pixar’s film, Cars, WALL-E is much more than a machine. Encapsulated within his circuitry, he is the last truly living thing on the planet.