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animated series Daria © MTV
Rated it: 4
posted: Sep 03, 2004
Although "Daria" is set in high school, it's a wide ranging social satire that leaves few idols on the cultural landscape standing. The eponymous main character is (at least in my experience) unique in tv, film, or literature: a teenage girl with a savage intelligence capable of seeing through every fraud or half truth unlucky enough to stumble across her field of vision.

Other reviewers have noted that the show's first two seasons were the best, and that it made concessions to teen drama in its last seasons. I'd like to note that while the later seasons were not consistently at the level of the first two, the show never completely lost its barbed perspective, and many episodes still rose to the level established in the first two.

"Daria" is currently in re-runs on Noggin, which has decided to bowlderize it unfortunately, some of the sharpest material has been cut. It's still outstanding. Keep your fingers crossed for the DVDs.