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flash animation Homestar Runner © unknown
Homestar Runner
Rated it: 3.5
posted: Apr 12, 2013
Imagine a cross between 'Adventure Time' and 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force', then imagine it being done on the cheap in every regard (actually this isn't much different from the above in some regards) and you probably have something vaguely like the Homestar conglomaration of webeps. Please note; I expect web cartoons to be poorer than DTV which I expect to be poorer than feature films, and my reviews are rated accordingly. A 4 star web rating should not be compared with a 4 star cinema release.

Read all the below for context. What is perhaps interesting is that, at least 5 years since the previous review, I'm still giving it 3.5 stars. If I never saw it again, I wouldn't care.
If all I could watch were web cartoons, I would be devestated.

It has great comic timing, a nice sense of the absurd, and other things which appeal to me. It's been done better by networks with a zillion bucks behind them, but frankly, not by all that much.


flash animation Charlie the Unicorn © FilmCow
Charlie the Unicorn
Rated it: 3
posted: May 08, 2012
It's 'Adventure Quest' with Brian from 'Family Guy' as the main character turned into a unciorn. But apart from that it's funny. Seriously, I didn't know what to make of this. On the one hand I wanted to mark it down for being so derivative (e.g., Charlie's voice and demeanor are clearly studied copies of Brian's, and the whole scenario is 'Adventure Quest' up the wazoo) - but OTTOH I like to compare media of one type (in this case web animation) with its peers - not with 'Balto' or 'The Lion King'*. And in that case, it shines.

*...or 'Shark Tale' (my scoring method collapses)

In the end, I'm stuck. For shoestring budget webjunk it's great. Overall it's fairly good. If I'd not seen its obvious precursors I'd have given it 3.5 or 4.0. Someone invent a formula for scoring media types against each other, without considering Shrek 2.

Oh, ok - that idea but a good film instead of Shrek 2.


flash animation Arj and Poopy © unknown
Arj and Poopy
Rated it: 2.5
posted: Aug 20, 2011
Remember, I adjust my reviews depending on the medium. I assume a DTV is worse than a feature. I assume a flash is worse than either. So 2.5 for a flash is maybe like 1 for a feature. That said, this series is kinda cute and endearing. I've watched 6 episodes. The worst were ok and the best were good. Arj appears to be an Indian/Anglo and his cat Poopy is, well... a cat. There are a few too many fart and scatological jokes, as you may infer from the title. Nevertheless, it's disarming and not so bad, even though the episodes vary in length from moderate to meteroic. My fave - which I would have given at least 3 stars in this category - is 'Unlucky in Love', which is far more nuanced, longer and technically accomplished than the others.


flash animation Cheney's Got a Gun © Tooned In
Cheney's Got a Gun
Rated it: 1.5
posted: Aug 02, 2007
I remember back in about 1990 Australian TV comedy was obsessed with political, topical humour. I remember making the remark at the time, when someone did a sketch about the pilots' strike, "see if you can get a Brazilian to laugh at that in six months."

I'm aware I'm being pretty harsh on this, but basically it's a piece of very topical political satire with a short, fairly catchy tune - and that's it. It's already not funny. Eventually it'll be as funny as if someone did a flash animation about Jimmy Carter hitting a rabbit with a canoe paddle (he actually did that, apparently. Isn't that a riot?)

It's not outright bad, but it's destined for oblivion. Gets a half star because the music is ok.

NB: FWIW, if I were American I wouldn't be a Republican, so that has nothing to do with it.

flash animation 30-Second Bunnies Theatre © Angry Alien Productions
30-Second Bunnies Theatre
Rated it: 3
posted: Aug 02, 2007
Well, Jennifer, whoever you are - these are pretty damn funny. But oh, man, they get old fast. If I can quote a certain famous 60's film, "What we have here is a failure to communicate." What I mean by that is, these would be hilarious if they were on in 30 second spots after some current affairs TV show at 9PM every night, but to sit down and watch ten of them in a row... well, how can I put it? I guess 'yawn' would do. I appreciate this isn't your fault; I'm just saying it would be funnier if things were otherwise.

The bunny thing is irrelevant. They may as well be ant-lions. Basically these are the synopses of movies, compressed into 30 seconds, and heavily, HEAVILY reliant on timing for their humor. Thankfully the timing is usually darn good. In fact it's sort of a logical conclusion of the sort of machine-gun editing* that started with The Simpsons.

All the same, the first two I watched made me laugh out loud; the third one made me laugh, but not so loud, the fourth one made me chuckle, and the fifth one made me sort of quietly appreciate it. These aren't the sort of things you want to watch twenty of in a row, and perhaps that's a problem with 'series' web animations.

All the same, great comic timing, some good gags, and a cut above the average.

*not to be confused with 'Machine-gun Etiquette', which was a good punk album by The Damned.

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