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animated cartoon Woody Woodpecker © Walter Lantz Productions
Woody Woodpecker
Rated it: 2
posted: Dec 01, 2010
This is officially the second Woody Woodpecker short. And just like Knock Knock, the jokes and plot are all over the place. This short in particular is quite unusual in that it consist of two halves. The first one shows Woody singing an upbeat tune about whom he is (mostly working as a sort of presentation of the character to the audience) and his self-awareness of being totally insane. The second half deals with Woody going to a psiquiatrist which is in reality a fox in disguise planning to eat him. To be honest I canít remember a lot from the latter part of the short. The character of the Fox serves as an unremarkable antagonist and has quite a lot of screen time. Beyond that thereís not much to say about it. Generally speaking, these first shorts of Woody (before his change in design and style thanks to the direction of Shamus Culhane) are generally amusing, but a little mediocre. Simply putting it, there we're kind of boring and the only redeeming part of them was the charm and unusual antics of Woody itself.
animated cartoon Knock Knock © Walter Lantz Productions
Knock Knock
Rated it: 2.5
posted: Nov 29, 2010
Knock Knock is officially the first Woody Woodpecker short even though it stars Andy Panda and his father and the crazy bird is mostly a sort of antagonist.

Overall the short is very amusing, but it suffers from the same problem as most of the other Woody shorts: it has a terrible pacing. This is the golden rule of animation comedy. The timing and jokes must be perfect so that it avoids boring the audience. In this case the short feels awkwardly paced, to slow and with a lot of moments where nothing interesting is happening. Woody for the most part saves it for near failure because heís such an insane and unpredictable character. This is also helped by his extreme design (before it was streamlined to be more appealing and cute). There's a particular moment that I love in this short: Andy is about to put salt in Woody's tail when he turns around and starts treating Andy. When he starts yelling and advancing towards him, his body starts inflating to about three times of his original size. Suddenly he starts using his beak as a celtic flute deflating his body in the process. It's a pretty amusing gag, beautifully executed in what is mostly a very average short.

animated movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole © Warner Bros. / Village Roadshow Pictures / Animal Logic
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole
Rated it: 2.5
posted: Oct 10, 2010
This one is strange. And I don't mean strange in a bad way. It's a pretty decent movie, with a great voice cast and an epic and engaging plot. What I mean with the word strange is that the film is a product of its time. Directed by Zach Snyder -the "visionary" director of Watchmen and 300 and the king of slow/fast motion action sequences- and based on a series of novels, the movie feels like a short videogame -just without the interactive part- full with hiperkinetic action sequences and a pretty dark story that for the most part is pretty squematic and predictable. You have the whole package: a love triangle, a battle between good and evil, lots of betrayal, gruesome deaths and an open ending that gives room to an obligatory sequel. The problem is that everything in the script feels rushed and passionless. Some character motivations are never explained presenting us with a grotesque moral relativism of black and white, good vs evil.

I'm sure kids between the ages of 9 and 13 will love it, thinking that's the most orginal and unique movie ever*. Is certainly not bad, it's beautiful to look at with a gorgeus color palette and atmosphere. It also has some exciting scenes, but it just feels dissapointing and uninteresting. Like I said, not a bad film by any means, but with a lot of wasted potential leaving us with a pre-fabricated product that could have been much more daring and risky. If you're planning to see it just for the animation I highly recommend to watch it in IMAX and in 3D. It's totally worth the money.

*The film also at times batantly rips off Star Wars: the villain is basically Darth Vader, the owls talk about a mystical ability much like the Force and Ezylryb -a perfectly casted Geoffrey Rush- is a much more crazier and excentric version of Master Yoda.

animated movie Felidae © Fontana Filmproduktion / Senator Film Produktion GmbH / TFC Trickompany Filmproduktion GmbH
Rated it: 3
posted: Jun 07, 2008
Yes, it's a weird movie; it's also extremely violent and holds a lot of mature themes. But like a lot of reviews pointed out, Felidae it's an interesting and highly original animated film. The plot revolves around Francis, a new cat who discovers a series of gruesome murders when moving with his owner into a new neighborhood. In order to solve them he gets involved with a chubby, freaky and rough cat called Blue Beard.

It may sound hard to believe, but this is merely the introduction. The plot moves as a regular "detective story", even though it takes a lot from contemporary noir moves, since the animators virtually present anything that may pass as morbid or gruesome: decapitated cats, religious cults, genetic experimentation, crazy dreams and... Sadomasochistic cat sex (did I just write that?).

The movie flows well, the animation is particularly good especially considering the time of released (and probably a very limited budget). We have exciting persecutions through an entire German city, from rooftops to abandon buildings to an underground graveyard. The movie makes an excellent use of the camera and even uses a little of CGI which is pretty well integrated in the background and angles.

Probably the biggest problem of this movie is the plot. Yes, it moves to quickly, has a lot plot-holes and everything seems rushed. Some major characters literally appear a couple of scenes. But still, as a "who-dunit" story has an excellent rhythm, holding the tension and suspense especially though the middle point where the killings become more and more disturbing.

The movie owes a lot to his excellent animation and designs, the cats have a very convincing personality and the English voice-overs are specially fitting. As a side note, my sincere kudos to the British actor who play Francis. His "know it all" attitude and narration give a lot to the character and makes it a really charismatic personality.

Even long hard-core animation fans would find something here to raise an eye-brow, so is has to be one the most unique and original animations from the last decade, especially if you're trying to find something obscure, weird and hard to find. Actually this is so rare, that even the books in which these are base upon are difficult to get, and either you have to order them as imports or check the annoying e-bay.

On the whole, Felidae is an interesting and unique movie. So yeah, it has its share of problems, but you can't deny the sheer awesomeness of the almost impossible deductions of Francis, which by the way, are one of the best things of the film. I mean, let's face it, since when have you find an intellectual, detective cat (in the classic vein of Sherlock Holmes) who discovers gruesome murders and even likes to hear Mailer's Symphony of Resurrection??

animated series The Fairly Odd Parents © Nickelodeon / Frederator Incorporated
The Fairly Odd Parents
Rated it: 2
posted: May 09, 2008
I understand why everyone can hate this show, and just like Magnus pointed in his review, the main problem with The Fairly Odd Parents is that it mainly points the issues of American animation: tasteless comedy, a downright objective to underestimate the viewers (mostly kids, for the making things worse) and of course zero-to none content. I would also note another peculiar thing: that it seems (at least in these days when everything is fast-produced junk in TV) that most of the animators behind a decent show can't hold their animation concepts for more than a season.

I don't hate this series and actually some years ago I like it. Now the thing is (like I pointed above), when I used to like this show, it was simply a really small segment from the Oh Yeah Cartoons!! This show was actually the Nickelodeon version of Cartoon, Cartoons!! Both shows had their moments and just like Cartoons produced such hits as Cow and Chicken or Johnny, Oh Yeah Cartoons!! Gave origin to the Fairly Odd Parents and My Life as a Teenage Robot. Interesting though, the prime concept of the "fairly odd.." was way apart of what later became: Timmy had a different design and was more childish, Cosmo was actually smart (and had a great voice!) and the Timmy's parents were similar to the ones of Cow and Chicken, you never saw their faces (just the lower part of their bodies) and the real and only villain of the show was Vicky, the nanny.

How this amazing and surreal show became a pointless and unoriginal comedy series... I donít know. But what it was certain it's that at least to some extent, the creator of the show Butch Hartman manages to give some style to the first season of The Fairly Odd Parents. The very first season had some good episodes and the characters weren't annoying like in future episodes.

What happened to this show is not rare; it happens to tons of goods shows that simply are left behind by their creators. Butch Hartman obviously started to lose interest in his own creation and pass on to be a producer and later direct another series (the equally promising but failed Danny Phantom). And like I said, it not just the series, it happened to SpongeBob, Dexter laboratory and although some people say is a blasphemy, Foster for Imaginary Friends. What has happened to American animation and their promising stars? I wonít go that far; since this review has extended enough, but I'll point what Jhonen Vasquez (designer of Invader Zim) refers to as simply the consequences of animation being butchered by their own system and consumerism. Until that changes, Iíll stick to two stars.

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