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flash animation Death Kitty and the Fat Man © Daimation
Death Kitty and the Fat Man
Rated it: 4
posted: Feb 24, 2007
This is a great short movie! The antics of the cat are cute. The fat man thinking he was illusioning was amusing. The Grim Reaper looks quite funny shaped like a spoon and he's adorable when he's exasperated. The ending was nice, the Grim Reaper just needed a pet for company. :)
short film The Little Match Girl © Disney
The Little Match Girl
Rated it: 4
posted: Oct 15, 2006
I'm very grateful this beautiful short film is available to the public after the plans for a third Fantasia film were scrapped. It's a startling contrast to the cheery The Little Mermaid on the same DVD it shares space with since the story isn't sugar-coated and there aren't splashes of bright colors all over. The Little Matchgirl is similar in ways to Tim Burton's Corpse Bride with its bittersweetness, the heroine's hope of freedom, and the use of soft greyscale tones to make the settings and characters well-suited for the somber story. The chosen music piece is the perfect theme to Matchgirl's emotions and memories.

The design for the Matchgirl has to be my favorite animated little girl design ever. She's simply precious.

animated movie The Chipmunk Adventure © Bagdasarian Productions
The Chipmunk Adventure
Rated it: 4
posted: Oct 01, 2006
I've LOVED this movie since childhood! The animation is beautiful, the music is fun, the humor is quite funny, the story is intriguing and the character designs are special. A balloon race around the world seemed like the most awesome thing ever when I was a child and I really wanted to take part in one. I still do! ;)
holiday animation Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys © Goodtimes Entertainment
Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys
Rated it: 3
posted: Aug 08, 2006
I quite enjoyed it! People might have liked it better if it were stop-animation though.

Clarice and Rudolph are such a cute couple. The night run they had together was beautiful with a nice song sung in the background. Toy Taker/Mr. Cuddles is one of my favorite characters. I feel sorry for how rough he's had it. The songs are wonderful. Except... I have to say the "Toys, Toys, Toys" song is a very obnoxious song! Give me the "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year (The Island of Misfit Toys)" from the original movie anyday!

The strangest thing of all, Clarice and Rudolph were awful forgiving to Toy Taker/Mr. Cuddles after he tried running them off the tracks, throwing lanterns, during a mine cart race. I mean, those things could have exploded in their faces!

animated movie The Ant Bully © Warner Bros. / DNA Productions / Playtone / Legendary Pictures
The Ant Bully
Rated it: 4
posted: Aug 03, 2006
I really enjoyed this movie, it had a wonderful story! The ants have great character designs (especially the wizard Zoc, he's in the picture for this movie's profile). The way they worked together and look out for each other is remarkable and gives Lucas a eyeful. Most of all, I loved Zoc, he's such a cool ant, he works with magic, and can zap enemies with energy from his staff. And he looks *fascinating* whenever he's angry or whatever reason his eyes are narrowed! If I could only give you one reason to see it, I'd say "See it because of Zoc!" ^_~
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