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animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender © Nickelodeon
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rated it: 4
posted: Jan 08, 2006
Avatar: The Last Airbender is an amazing show that Nickelodeon aired January 2005. The second season, Book II, is aring early 2006. It was Nick's first anime-style show, although there is debate whether Avatar is "real anime." However many of the show's cult follwers say, who cares whether it's anime or not? It's awesome either way!

The show is set in an alternate world with an ancient Asian culture. The Avatar is the keeper of peace between the nations, reincarnated into each generation. The nations, each with unique cultures of their own, are the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. Within each nations are a brand of warriors called benders, who "bend" the elements to their will. Only the Avatar can bend all four elements.

But the Avatar disappeared 100 years ago. Siezing the opportunity, the Fire Nation waged war on the other three nations. Now, the Air Nomads are wiped out and the Fire Nation has almost won. However there is still hope: the Avatar is found by two Water Tribe teens.

The Avatar is an Airbender named Aang, a fun-loving twelve-year-old not quite ready to accept his destiny. Katara, a fourteen-year-old Waterbender, and Sokka, Katara's fifteen-year-old brother, are accompanying Aang on his journey to master all the elements.

However the Fire Nation caught wind of the Avatar's return and are trying to capture him! Sixteen-year-old exiled Prince Zuko has his mind set on capturing Aang to regain his honor. With his wise but sometimes silly uncle, the retired General Iroh, they make two interesting bad guys--- they are not as evil as they first seem.

However Aang still makes many other enemies--and friends-- along the way!

Avatar has a gripping plotline, complex characters, smooth animation, and kid-friendly humor that makes the show lovable to all ages. But don't take my word for it-- check it out yourself!