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animated series Digimon: Digital Monsters © Toei Animation / Saban / Sensation Animation
Digimon: Digital Monsters
Rated it: 3.5
posted: Jun 06, 2006
This show really has a cult following similar to Pokemon and Monster Rancher. Though the concept seams the same at first they are really very different.

I really liked this one. I thought the voice acting wasn't so bad and the writing seamed to be fun. Where as in Pokemon every episode had the same format and predictably a new monster to catch, Digimon had a strong sense of character development and plot twists. The characters actually grow a year older after each season, rare in animation (and comics). This meant that each season needed a fresh cast of main characters, but that is for me strength, because it allowed the writers to expand on there world and let in new rules about how that world functioned. Old main characters never really go away because they grow up and move on. Not forgetting but becoming better individuals because of it.

The seasons also seam to be developing over time. From season one where the children get taken into the Digital world, to season two where the children take the Digimon with them into the real world, and finally season 4 where they actually become Digimon.

There were a few movies but I didn't like the first movie as it was released in the US. It seamed to combine three complete movies which meant cutting out a lot. The end result was cheesy to me.

My favorite season by far was season 4 (which was the least popular) because it maintains the universe continuity but is so different from the other seasons that it can almost stand on its own. I didn't like the ending because it dragged on and on for a few episodes and then just stopped. Still itís my favorite because there are some real hard concepts. Like one of the characters finding out they might really be dead in the real world or the hinting of adolescent love (as in he liked her liked her not just liked her).