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About me:

For me great animation is a marriage of two other big loves of mineóbeautiful art and captivating storytelling. You nail those things and it's almost guaranteed that you'll have my eyeballs glued to the screen. I grew up on Disney films like Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast so my tastes tend to unconsciously lean that way, however I love seeing animation that breaks new ground and really shows where the medium can go.


drawing, painting, animation, absorbing pop culture, animation, web design, writing, animation...

Animation that I love:

How to Train Your Dragon, Mary and Max, Tangled, Princess Mononoke, The Incredibles, Nightmare Before Christmas, Rescuers Down Under, ... etc. etc.


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flash animation Animator vs. Animation 2 © unknown
Animator vs. Animation 2
Rated it: 4
posted: Feb 03, 2008
While I thoroughly enjoyed the first rendition of Animator vs. Animation, to me this version takes it to another level.

The animation is very clever and also very well done. All the little details that are going on in the background of the desktop fight sequence are just wonderful. I think my personal favourite was the Firefox icon joining the battle... and who knew that AIM had such martial arts skills. ;)

I think what really puts this one over the top for me is just a touch more story development... not that we're talking an epic script or anything like that, just a few added touches to the character of the Chosen One and our unseen animator... plus I like the great little wrap-up at the end.

flash animation Two Things Human Beings Really Love to Do! © unknown
Two Things Human Beings Really Love to Do!
Rated it: 3
posted: Jun 03, 2007
I love the look of this short. The stick men combined with this kind of Mayan look to the alien ships and backgrounds.

If I have one complaint it is that the short feels slow because with each panel the screen essentially re-draws and disassembles. It does so in an interesting fashion, but it does detract a bit from the material of the short itself.

flash animation Yes&No © Studio Bozzetto
Rated it: 3.5
posted: Jan 28, 2007
A very clever little short although I think it's the music that makes it much moreso than the visuals themselves. The whole thing sounds like something out of the silent movie age when the music--played by the pianist in the theatre--was meant to tell you everything that the movie's non-existant audio track couldn't.

Amusing--but points off for suggesting that the disabled are inherently terrible drivers. :P

flash animation News Flash © National Lampoon
News Flash
Rated it: 1
posted: Dec 18, 2006
I only watched the short involving the hand shaking the hamster... now possibly it's because I used to keep pet hamsters that this short strikes me as being cruel, lame and unfunny...

Or it could be because this short is simply cruel, lame and unfunny.

I didn't watch it all the way through to the very end... once the hamster's dressed in women's lingere with tacks stuck in his head--and still talking--there's really just no point.

flash animation Mr.Man © Whitehouse Animation Inc.
Rated it: 3
posted: Jul 10, 2006
Mr.Man's adventures are far ranging... whether he's out on a fishing trip, playing with his shadow or avenging his love with the might of his samurai sword--well only that one time...

As Mr.Man doesn't speak throughout his films, the humour is conveyed entirely through the animation. The gags aren't of the knee-slapping variety, but they might make you chuckle or just smile at the strange world that Mr.Man inhabits... one that is slightly surreal and oddly like our own.

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