Link Library

General Resources

  • The Big Cartoon Database (BCDb) — organized by animation studio, this database site features general credit info and some productions notes for 50,000+ animated films, TV series and short films.
  • The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) — if you haven't heard of this site already, it's the largest entertainment movie database (live action/animated/movies/TV series/short films/video games/etc.) you're likely to find on the 'Net. Run by the people at, it consists primarily of credit information for movies as well as bio info on their cast/crew. An immense invaluable resource.
  • Toon Zone — news and info with a focus on the series being aired by Kids'WB! and Cartoon Network
  • The Toonarific Cartoon Archive — an immense database of cartoon series spanning the present to the distant past. Includes series description and in some cases images and episode guides
  • Toonhound — cartoon information, links, reviews, interviews and news from the UK.
  • — a reference guide to the television shows you love. View episode guides, cast and crew information, analysis, polls, reviews and more



  • Fantasies Come True — extensive collection of Disney collectibles and memorabilia
  • Rainbo Animation Art — Disney animation art and collectibles, including figures, pins, autographs, watches, posters, ephemera, postcards, lithos, and more

Fan Sites

  • Animated Life — online forum for what used to be the Animated Lust fan site
  • Animation Source — hub for quality animation fansites. Presently includes fan sites for Balto, Lion King, Tale Spin, Princess andthe Frog, All Dogs Go to Heaven and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
    Plushie from Fantasia 2000 
  • Clear Black Lines — featuring shrines to a variety of animated movies including The Little Mermaid, Pochaontas, Thumbelina and The Swan Princess
  • The Ink & Paint Plush Adoptables site — adopt a plushie image from your favourite animated film or TV series



  • Toon Radio — internet webcast featuring animation soundtracks from classic cartoons to modern day anime
  • Toon Tracker: Home of the Lost Cartoons — cartoon series themes from as far back as the 30s and all the way up to the present. Hours of fun in RealAudio format.