Got to see ParaNorman tonight

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I managed to snag a free pass tonight for an advanced screening of ParaNorman. I'll be writing a full review once the profile is out of the 'Coming Soon' area, but the short spoiler-free version is... 4 stars. Fun. Funny. If anyone remembers those old 80s kids movies like Adventures in Babysitting, it kinda had a bit of that vibe to it.

Anyways, I really enjoyed it. Very visually imaginative with lots of great gags. I recommend that people put it on their August to-see list. :)


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Two or so more movies under their belt, and Laika may just be classified as a new up-and-coming studio to watch.  I kinda miss that meticulious craftmanship of stop motion, though, but it seems like everything is computer generated and/or motion capture, these days.

Edit: Hence why Coraline is one of my favorite movies.

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