Outraged by the lack of extras on "Frozen"

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I don't know... maybe I'm alone at this point in shelling out cash for DVDs (or Blurays) in order to get audio commentaries and extras. Maybe studios think that they'll release all that stuff ahead of a film's release on YouTube and, by the time the movie hits DVD, no one will care anymore. I'm pretty sure "Wreck-it Ralph" didn't have a director's commentary, but "Frozen" is the first time where I felt the extras were actually so poor as to be insulting

First of all... no commentary--again. The 'Bonus Features' consist of "Get a Horse", which you would've seen in theatres if you saw the movie, deleted scenes and two other features called "The Making of Frozen" and something like "Hans Christian Anderson to Frozen".

The one called "The Making of Frozen" is NOT a behind-the-scenes featurette at all. It is a High School Musical style number with a bunch of people--who are frankly way too good-looking and talented in the singing/dancing department to be regular Disney crew--bouncing their way through a place that's made to look like the studio. The entire time they're singing a song that's entire lyrics consist of "How did they make Frozen?"... over and over and OVER again. The song concludes in a viewing room with all the actors looking at the screen expectantly... then nothing happens... and they leave. The end. 


What happened to stuff like Glen Keane telling us how they brought in an anatomist to help with the character design in "Tarzan"? 

What happened to great director tidbits like the ones in the "Beauty and the Beast" commentary where we learn the final dance sequence in the movie was effectively copied off of "Sleeping Beauty" due to lack of time and budget? 


Oh, and I'll sum up the other featurette for you... Marc Davis, one of Disney's original nine old men, did some sketches of a woman who might've been a queen for a ice-themed theme park ride that was never made. And look! We took some inspiration from that beautiful drawing to put Elsa's hair in a single braid and some of the pattern in her gown. Plus there's evidence that Walt Disney had been thinking about maybe making a Snow Queen animated short as early as the 40s... but there's no evidence that any creative work for such a piece was ever done. The end.

I think what kills me all the more about this travesty is the fact that last October I attended a presentation in Vancouver at the Spark Animation Festival about "Frozen". It was an excellent and incredibly informative talk done by Olaf's supervising animator, Hyrum Osmond, chalk full of concept art, animation tests and other extranordinary goodies. If you're at all interested you can read my review of the presentations from that day on my blog, but it is so incredibly disappointing that none of that is included as part of extras on this DVD/Bluray release. 

"Frozen" is a great movie and I will be reviewing it shortly, but with the quality of extras I saw tonight, you might as well just buy the movie-only digital version off iTunes.

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