Planes--Ugh. Great.

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I'm standing here at a truck stop looking at the toys for the upcoming Planes, and I'll be damned if they're not all expies of the Cars characters.  There's even a blue corsair who could be the spitting image of Doc, a green hotshot plane, and a beat up biplane who could be Mater's twin.  Is Pixar really this desperate?

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Actually, "Planes" is released by Disney and produced by DisneyToon Studios, not Pixar.

Yes, the studio that animated the DTV sequels/midquels that Disney was so infamous for from the late 1990s up to the mid 2000s and the current slew of decent Tinker Bell/Disney's Fairies animation is now producing this.


The only thing that is related to Pixar is that it's based on the "Cars"-verse but mostly deals with planes and flight instead of automobiles. Racing is still in it though, so... yeah, this is how you can REALLY connect it to "Cars".

But to answer your question: YES. Disney/Pixar does seem to be desperate. Heck, the first film hasn't even been released yet and a sequel is already in the works [also set for a theatrical release July 2014] and a final film to complete a trilogy. It's all a cash-grab to make more money off of the "Cars"-verse by focusing on planes... and young boys love this sort of thing like young girls love pastel-colored horses with tattoos on their flanks. 

Also, yes, the characters do seem like expies of "Cars" characters. *sigh* It's sad to see that not even Disney/Pixar can be original and make their characters unique anymore. Maybe if there was something different [and if I had actually like "Cars"], I might actually be more open-minded about this spin-off... but I'm not looking forward to seeing it at all.

...At least the animation looks good though - I do have to give DisneyToon some positive credit for keeping the "Cars" style and having Pixar-esque smoothness in the design and movement. Then again, I'm not sure if DisneyToon did the animation work or if it was really Pixar's animation team the whole time...

- Juuchan17

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