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How minutes in length would it consider an actual animated film?

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It's hard to say. While I'm guessing that the length in most full-length animated movies are over 1 hour (60 minutes or more), the honest truth is that, whenever you look at information on an animated feature, whether if it's the Internet, a DVD cover, or whatever else, it will tell you how many minutes long it is, along with other information, so the answer to your question should be solved by now.

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40 minutes and 1 sec.

Okay how about I give you an answer based on actual knowledge and research rather than wild mass guessing.

A feature film is defined by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (aka the Oscars), the American Film Institute and the British Film Institute as a film that has a running time of more than 40 minutes. This is generally now accepted as the de facto standard in the film world.

One of the shortest feature films ever made is Disney's 1943 film Saludos Amigos, at 43 minutes in length.

For some reason The Screen Actors Guild has it at 80 minutes or longer. However this is more a requirement for actors to attain membership from them as "film actors" than what the above is (and dictates how much they can expect to get paid for a role).

France defines a feature as a film that runs longer than 1600 meters of footage and comes on 35mm film or larger.

The average length of today's films run between 70-210 minutes (animated films top out an average of 105).

Also, the AFI insist that an animated film must have animation in it for at least 75 of its runtime.

But yeah, the bare minimum that you could get away with calling something a feature film, is 40 minutes and 1 second.

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