The odd couple of DVD double feature packs

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I just saw this double feature pack being promoted on Amazon.

It's Cats Don't Dance -- Keyframe rating, 4 stars -- coupled with Quest for Camelot -- Keyframe rating, 2.5 stars... okay, maybe not as horrific based on the Keyframe ratings alone, but I still see Quest for Camelot as one of those bottom-scraper sort of 1 star monstrousities which is why I think this double feature pack made me cringe so much... then again, I haven't seen Quest for Camelot in over a decade so maybe it's not as bad as I remember.

Poor Warner Animation... such potential but such a wildly uneven output.

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That's almost as weird as buying The Secret of Nimh double pack with the sequel JUST for the DVD of the original that's more than likely the reprinted version possessing the inferior cover art.

I do see myself getting the double feature of The Fox and the Hound, though, now that I know that the sequel wasn't THAT bad.

The Spielberg triple pack with The Land Before Time... Meh.  I'll just find a cheap copy of the original.

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