The Plague Dogs

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I just rewatched the Plague Dogs for the first time in the last six years. This movie still stands out as one of the most heartbreaking and powerful films that I have ever seen. I've been searching the internet fro production notes and history, and release history. I can't really find anything, and I'm kind of a desperate. I remeber the last time I did a google search (which was many years ago) I found an interview with Martin Rosen (the director of the film). I can't even find that now. If anyone has the time and some good detective skills, I would appreaciate some help finding anything concerning the film production and release. Thanks!

Also for those who haven't seen it. It's an amazing film. For me it's in a tie with Waltz with Bashir and Princess Mononoke for the greatest anmated film of all time.

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