short film Your Friend the Rat © Pixar
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Your Friend the Rat

Remy and Emile, the two rodent stars of Pixar's Ratatouille, decide to use their new found fame to get the word out that rats really aren't all that bad in this trivia filled short about rats and humans.

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"Miraculous" "the rare short film that lives up to it's frog!" good. wow. "to history of rats and totally irresistible!" good. very good. "fast paced fun for kids" "a terrific...
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A really great little film. It loses out on a higher rating because if you hadn't seen 'Ratatouille', it wouldn't make much sense (but then again, who would have seen...
Created by: Pixar
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Patton Oswalt ... Rémy
Peter Sohn ... Emile
Directed by: Jim Capobianco
Produced by: Ann Brilz
Musical Score by: Alex Mandel
Writing Credits: Jim Capobianco

short film Your Friend the Rat © PixarThis short is Pixar's first serious foray into 2D animation and they do so with great gusto in their longest short film to date (11 minutes). The short also features a dizzying number of different animation styles--two of which are shown at right.

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