animated series Xiolin Showdown © Warner Bros.
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Xiolin Showdown

Monk-in-training, Omi, hip-hop girl Kimiko, street-smart Raimundo and Texas cowboy Clay are warriors-in-training with an important job - to save the world from total destruction! With a 40-foot dragon called Dojo as their guide, they search the globe for ancient artifacts called Shen-Gong Wu, whose supernatural powers control the balance between good and evil. But evil boy genius, Jack Spicer and his robot army are also on the hunt! Along with the ghostly witch Wuya, Jack schemes to collect all the Shen-Gong Wu and harness their powers for world domination. The race heats up as each artifact is found and a Xiolin Showdown - an intense winner-take-all double-dare - is proclaimed whenever the two opposing sides both claim the same Shen-Gong Wu. -- paraphased from description on DVD case

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rated it:
A half-hearted attempt at a martial arts action series, filled with visual stereotypes, overused ideas, and tired dialogue. Omi's unnatural yellow head resembles an embodied emoticon, or perhaps a strange...
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rated it:
Series that revilve around collecting mystical objects never seem to catch on, but Xiolin Showdown seems to make up for it with its humor. As the story progresses, Jack Spicer...
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rated it:
Nice series. Yes it has flaws, and many to be honest. It's a shame and at the same time its odd, considering that this is one of the few series...
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Tara Strong ... Omi
Tom Kenny ... Raimundo
Grey DeLisle ... Kimiko
Jeff Bennett ... Clay
Wayne Knight ... Dojo
Rene Auberjonois ... Master Fung
Danny Cooksey ... Jack Spicer
Susan Silo ... Wuya
Series Created by: Christy Hui
Directed by: Dan Riba, Matt Danner, Stephen Sandoval, Jeff Allen, Tim Eldred, Steve Lyons and Steve Sandoval
Executive Producers: Sander Schwartz
Musical Score by: Kevin Manthei
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Season 1
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