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Public Highschool #1368 is collapsing into extreme violence: students fight students, teachers bully pupils, and pupils exact revenge. Things are shaken up even more when fighting machine Xin, known for dismantling the student hierarchy of every school he visits, transfers to 1368...

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rated it:
I dunno...this wasn't great. But somehow it held my interest all the way through, for the most part anyway. The art is not very good and doesn't improve much over...
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rated it:
I found this strangly adictive despite being ultra violent.You can even see improvements in animation as time goes on. I liked the original storyline about disapline in schools which is something...
Created by: LiFe.1 Entertainment
Language: English / English subtitled
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Tom Galang ... Andre (up to episode 17)
Steven Lim ... Mr. Barrack, Steven, Ralph Varlock Jr. (episodes 4 and 5), Oton
Tam Tu Bui ... Ghai, Xin
SadSiren ... Ceer
Max Mao ... Max
Edwyn Tiong ... Dom, Legend
Sakura ... Jix
Thunder Melon ... Mil (up to episode 14)
Chris Zambelis ... Mil (episode 15 onwards)
Julie Nardin ... Min, Zumi
Patrick Bruun ... Dimir
Gear Zero ... Finrak
G-Force ... Hanto
Lucien Dodge ... Goth, Kiz
Nick Tiner ... Ralph Varlock Jr. (episode 12 onwards), Andre (episode 18)
Kagome Higurashi ... Silvia
Series Created by: Steven Lim and Max Mao
Directed by: Steven Lim and Max Mao
Musical Score by: Steven Lim
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