short film Work in Progress © ILM
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Work in Progress

In a fantasy world of magnificent creatures, a team of creators is putting the finishing touches on their latest beast--an enormous gorilla. In this group, one is the idea-man, one provides the labour and the third adds that little touch of magic to push every good project into the realm of something truly special.

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I'll agree with Starlac in that the whole idea of making this short was to show off ILM's CGI special effects. But, as a short film, it's not bad. There...
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An interesting if somewhat blatantly advert/PR led short. You have three characters: a man of Industry, one who moves like Light (called Lux!) and a girl who uses magic… yeah…...
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Everytime I watch this short I can't help but wonder if I'm watching a cleverly disguised ad for ILM... okay yes, for most major studios who make these shorts, there's...
Created by: ILM
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Tony Haygarth ... Industry
Richard Wilson ... Lux
Directed by: Tom Bertino
Produced by: Christian Kubsch
Executive Producers: Jim Morris and Patricia Blau
Musical Score by: Jimmie Haskell
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