animated series Wolverine and the X-Men © Marvel / Toonz Animation India / Kickstart Productions / First Serve Toonz
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Wolverine and the X-Men

After an unexplained and unexpected explosion of the X-Mansion, Professor Charles Xavier and Jean Grey are missing. The X-Men disband and Scott begins to suffer from depression. One year later, the Mutant Response Division (or MRD for short) is imprisoning mutants. Emma Frost is able to locate a comatose Charles on Genosha in the care of Magneto. Professor X telepathically orders Wolverine to lead the X-Men and set out to save the world from The Sentinel Project and prevent the Brotherhood of Mutants from taking over the world before the future ends up dominated by Sentinels. ~ from

Created by: Marvel, Toonz Animation India, Kickstart Productions, First Serve Toonz
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Steven Jay Blum ... Wolverine / Logan
Jim Ward ... Professor Charles Xavier
Nolan North ... Cyclops / Scott Summers
Liam O'Brien ... Nightcrawler / Kurt Wagner, Angel / Warren Worthington III
Kari Wahlgren ... Emma Frost
Susan Dalian ... Storm / Ororo Munroe
Yuri Lowenthal ... Iceman / Bobby Drake
Danielle Judovits ... Shadowcat / Kitty Pryde
Fred Tatasciore ... Beast / Henry 'Hank' McCoy
Kieren Van Den Blink ... Anna Marie / Rogue
Roger Craig Smith ... Forge
Tom Kane ... Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto
A.J. Buckley ... Toad / Mortimer Toynbee
Stephen Stanton ... Blob / Fred J. Dukes
James Patrick Stuart ... Avalanche / Dominic Petros
Mark Hildreth ... Quicksilver / Pietro Maximoff
Gwendoline Yeo ... Domino / Neena Thurman
Kate Higgins ... Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff
Tamara Bernier ... Mystique / Raven Darkholm
Alex Désert ... Nick Fury
Jennifer Hale ... Jean Grey
Clancy Brown ... Mister Sinister
Richard Doyle ... Senator Robert Edward Kelly
Produced by: Jason Netter
Executive Producers: Stan Lee, Eric S. Rollman, Avi Arad, Kevin Feige, Ed Borgerding and P. Jayakumar
Musical Score by: Dean Grinsfelder
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