animated movie Wizards © Bakshi Productions
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Thousands of years after humans have destroyed themselves with their nuclear weapons, new races have emerged from the post-holocaust wastelands. In those land still saturated by radiation, humans arise again but as deformed, twisted mutants. But in those lands that radiation has not touched, the true ancestors of humanity return--the elves, dwarves and faeries. These forces of good and evil collide in the battle between two great wizard brothers--Blackwolf, ruler of the mutants, and Avatar, the bumbling, aging champion on the side of good. Between them, they will decide the fate of this strange, new world...

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rated it:
One of the most difficult films I've ever had to sit through, Wizards is a ham-fisted, uneven movie that looks like a high school class's pet project. Amateurish or indie,...
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Now this is my favorite Ralph Bakshi film. I had first watch the middle and ending on the Space Channel, one night when I was a teenager....
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Well, let me start with the positives that come to mind. First of all, kudos to Ralph Bakshi for venturing into the realm of adult-oriented animation, especially as early as...
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Wizards comes from the mind of Ralph Bakshi, who somehow managed to create an X-rated cartoon - Fritz the Cat (if you are interested). I guess the next logical career...
Created by: Bakshi Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Bob Holt ... Avatar
Steve Gravers ... Blackwolf
Jesse Welles ... Elinore
Richard Romanus ... Weehawk
David Proval ... Peace
Jim Connell ... The President
Mark Hamill ... Sean
Susan Tyrrell ... Narrator
Ralph Bakshi ... Fritz, other soliders
Directed by: Ralph Bakshi
Produced by: Ralph Bakshi
Musical Score by: Andrew Belling
Writing Credits: Ralph Bakshi
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