animated series Winx Club © 4 Kids Entertainment / Rainbow S.r.l
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Winx Club

Bloom’s normal life is turned upside down when she finds that she has magical powers in the middle of a battle between an ogre and a fairy princess. She is brought into the Alfea School, in another dimension, where she and her new friends are trained in how to use their magic winx. However the malicious Senior Witches seek to bring into this world darkness and despair.

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rated it:
Winx Club - it's just like any other magical girl cartoon you've seen before... except with fairies. I could leave it right there, but to be honest, there is some sort...
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rated it:
Well basically it's rubbish, and I could have given it one star. But in its favour (amd I know this is perverse), I have seen things so devoid of any...
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rated it:
This is an awesome fantasy series (my favorite genre) about a group of teenage fairies, their adventures in the world of Magix and also in their fairy school...
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Question: What's a cartoon where you can determine who the bad guys are by the ones who wear too much eye shadow? Answer: Winx Club. That's all there is too...
Created by: 4 Kids Entertainment, Rainbow S.r.l
Language: English / Italian
Country of Origin: USA / Italy
Featuring the voices of:
Liza Jacqueline ... Bloom
Christina Rodriguez ... Stella, Layla
Dan Green ... Brandon
Carol Jacobanis ... Griffin
Sebastian Arcelus ... Timmy, Palladium
Rachael Lillis ... Faragonda
Lisa Ortiz ... Digit
Marc Thompson ... Knut
Kerry Williams ... Flora
Stuart Zagnit ... Mike
Oliver Wyman ... WizGiz
David Brimmer ... Saladin
Matt Davidson ... Lord Darkar, Professor Avalon
Suzy Myers ... Stormy
Su Meredith ... Griselda
Kayzie Rogers ... Vanessa
Michael Sinterniklaas ... Riven
Directed by: Iginio Straffi
Executive Producers: Norman J. Grossfeld, Alfred Kahn, Tom Kenney and Joanne Lee
Musical Score by: Louis Cortelezzi, Craig Marks, Ralph Schuckett, John Angier (III), Matt McGuire and Jake Siegler
Writing Credits: Barton Bishop, Martina Broner and Alan Kingsberg
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Vol.1 (5 episodes)
profile by: starlac