animated series Where's Waldo? © DIC Entertainment / Waldo Film Company
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Where's Waldo?

The ever optimistic adventurer Waldo goes on quests with his dog Woof to solve the problem of various strange worlds. He is aided by his magic walking stick and the riddles given to him by the absent-minded wizard Whitebeard. Unbeknown to him he is constancy followed by the petty, incompetent thief Odlaw, who wants Waldoís magic walking stick for himself.

Created by: DIC Entertainment, Waldo Film Company
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Where's Wally?
Featuring the voices of:
Townsend Coleman ... Waldo (aka Wally)
Brad Garrett ... Wizard Whitebeard
Musical Score by: Michael Tavera
Writing Credits: Phil Harnage and Evelyn Gabai
Based on: The books by Martin Handford.

animated series Where's Waldo? © DIC Entertainment / Waldo Film CompanyThe episodes have Waldo disappear at certain points (usually the middle and end) for no real reason in the story other than the fact that the audience is then given about sixty seconds to locate Waldo on a image similar to that of the picture books he appears in before the story continues on.

The voice-artists re-dubbed over the mention of Waldo's name for territories where he is known as Wally (or Charlie [France], Walter [Germany], etc).

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