animated movie We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story © Amblin
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We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

New Eyes' Wish Radio picks up the wishes of two children, Louie and Cecilia, who want a little friendship and adventure in their lives, so the New Eyes goes back in time to find them some. Using his Brain Grain cereal, New Eyes makes a group of dinosaurs intelligent and non-violent and then brings dinosaurs to our era to grant Louie and Cecilia's wishes--not to mention the wishes of any child who has wanted to see a dinosaur. Upon arriving in present-day New York, the dinosaurs get side-tracked with their new friends and wind up in the hands of the Captain's evil brother, Professor Screweyes and his eccentric circus of fear...

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rated it:
Ahhh this one. It's one of those movies I saw as a kid and thought was weird, then upon viewing snippets of it again years later my memories were...
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This is what you get when you cross Care Bears with The Land Before Time. One of the strangest animated movies ever created. I mean. . . a scientist goes...
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Well, this is a weird one. Who the heck came up with the idea to cast Walter Cronkite in a cartoon? I mean, it worked, but who the heck thought...
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One of the most interesting and strange films I have ever seen..."We're Back" has been a favorite animated movie of mine since I can remember. It's the story of dinosaurs, once...
Created by: Amblin
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Walter Cronkite ... Captain Neweyes
John Goodman ... Rex
Felicity Kendal ... Elsa
René Le Vant ... Woog
Jay Leno ... Vorb
Rhea Perlman ... Mother Bird
Blaze Berdahl ... Buster
Charles Fleischer ... Dweeb
Kenneth Mars ... Professor Screweyes
Joe Shea ... Louie
Yeardley Smith ... Cecilia
Martin Short ... Stubbs the Clown
Julia Child ... Dr. Bleeb
Directed by: Phil Nibbelink, Simon Wells, Ralph Zondag and Dick Zondag
Produced by: Steve Hickner
Musical Score by: James Horner
Writing Credits: John Patrick Shanley
Based on: the book by Hudson Talbott
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