animated movie Waking Life © Thousand Words / Fox Searchlight Pictures / Independent Film Channel / Flat Black Films / Detour Filmproduction / Line Research
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Waking Life

The main character in this movie, in which none of the characters are identified or named, is trapped in a lucid dreaming state. As he attempts to find a way to wake up, he encounters a seemingly random succession of other characters whose appearances obey the laws of dreams rather than 'reality', and who offer sometimes fleeting, sometimes detailed thoughts about the nature of dreaming, existence and life.

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This film is a very unique endeavour. This style of animation is called "rotoscope". This means that the film is all shot live action and then animators come and draw...
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About two thirds of the way through this movie, I thought "I can see why this guy wants to make a Philip K Dick movie. He thinks like him." By...
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As you know, this isn't an animated film in the traditional sense, but rotoscoped. The fact that it is rotoscoped seems rather arbitrary, as just like all Richard Linklater's...
Created by: Thousand Words, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Independent Film Channel, Flat Black Films, Detour Filmproduction, Line Research
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Wiley Wiggins ... Main Character
Directed by: Richard Linklater
Executive Producers: John Sloss, Jonathan Sehring and Caroline Kaplan
Musical Score by: Glover Gill
Writing Credits: Richard Linklater

Filmed using live action which is then entirely painted over (rotoscoped) by a variety of different artists, in a similar technique to the director's newer feature A Scanner Darkly.

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