animated movie Valiant © Vanguard Animation / Ealing Studios
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Valiant, an eager young wood pigeon flies to London to join the Royal Homing Pigeon Service (RHPS) dreaming of becoming a hero. Soon we see a group of comically misfit pigeons (including Bugsy a street pigeon from Trafalgar Square, and Lofty a posh bird from Oxford) in a hilarious series of adventurous mishaps as Valiant's squadron are put through their paces at training camp!

To succeed in the most important mission of the war our new RHPS recruits need to stay out of the clutches of the notorious enemy falcon, Von Talon... -- from the official website

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rated it:
This film is terribly confused about itself and its audience (if it has one). OTOH it wasn't quite as godawful as I expected. That's why it's taken me 5 years to...
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rated it:
It's just awful. A highly predictable history, flat and boring characters, unfunny silly jokes... and that's it. Apart from the design of the characters (which isn't fantastic, just so-so) and the...
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rated it:
The trailers made this film look better than it really was, but again isn't that what their job is for? I have to admit it was pretty cute, but a...
Created by: Vanguard Animation, Ealing Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / UK
Featuring the voices of:
Ewan McGregor ... Valiant
Ricky Gervais ... Bugsy
Tim Curry ... General Von Talon
John Cleese ... Mercury
John Hurt ... Felix
Jim Broadbent ... Pigeon Training Seargent
Hugh Laurie ... Gutsy
Rik Mayall ... Cufflingk
Olivia Williams ... Victoria
Pip Torrens ... Lofty
Brian Lonsdale ... Toughwood
Directed by: Gary Chapman
Produced by: John H. Williams
Executive Producers: Keith Evans, Robert Jones, Ralph Kamp, Barnaby Thompson and Neil Braun
Musical Score by: George Fenton
Writing Credits: Matt Manfredi, George Melrod, George Webster and Jordan Katz

"Valiant" has its UK release on March 25th and it will be flying into North America on August 19th.

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