animated movie Twice Upon a Time © Korty Films / Lucasfilm Ltd
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Twice Upon a Time

In a mythical land, the 'Rushers of Din' have their dreams and nightmares sent to them by two opposing forces. The benevolent Frivoli, under the direction of the eccentric elf Greensleeves, sends them sweet dreams - but their nightmares are sent by the Murkworks, controlled by the malevolent Synonamess Botch. Botch wants to steal the Cosmic Clock, so the Rushers of Din will live in a perpetual nightmare, and he fools our hero (Ralph, the All-Purpose Animal, along with his sidekick, 'Mum') into freezing time by releasing the Magic Mainspring from the Cosmic Clock. Realising their terrible error, Ralph and Mum, along with Flora Fauna, have to find the spring and start time again before Botch can drop thousands of Nightmare Bombs on Din, and re-start time...

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Whether you end up loving it or hating it, I think I can promise you've never seen anything quite like this movie before. It made me think long and hard...
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Twice Upon A Time...I searched long and hard for this Lucas-directed animated movie. It turned out to not be...strange. It's a very offbeat, disconnected and oddball film, its...
Created by: Korty Films, Lucasfilm Ltd
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Lorenzo Music ... Ralph, the All-Purpose Animal
Marshall Efron ... Synonamess Botch
Julie Payne ... Flora Fauna
Hamilton Camp ... Greensleeves
James Cranna ... Rod Rescueman, Scuzzbopper, Frivoli Foreman
Paul Frees ... Narrator, other voices
Judith Kahan ... The Fairy Godmother
Directed by: Charles Swenson and John Korty
Produced by: Bill Couturiť
Executive Producers: George Lucas
Musical Score by: Dawn Atkinson, Ken Melville and David Moordigian
Songs by: Tom Ferguson, Bruce Hornsby, John Hornsby, Maureen McDonald and Michael McDonald
Writing Credits: Charles Swenson, John Korty, Bill Couturiť and Suella Kennedy

'Twice Upon a Time' used a new animation process called 'lumage' - a stop-motion technique using translucent 2D objects photographed against a backlit background.

Two versions of the movie exist. The original seems destined not to be seen again, and has never been available to buy, due to John Korty's objections to some of its content. It featured additional footage and coarse language. This seems largely due to the fact that the voice actors were allowed to improvise, and Marshall Efron, who played Synonamess Botch, spiced his lines with some rather colourful language. You can read more about this in 'The Other TUaT Page' in the links below.

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