animated series Trollz © DIC Entertainment
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Five teenage troll girls who call themselves Best Friends for Life accidentally release an evil gremlin known as Simon back into the world. Now they must use their troll powers--only available to female trolls--to recapture Simon and prevent him from taking over Trollzopolis.

Created by: DIC Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Chiara Zanni ... Ruby Trollman
Britt McKillip ... Amethyst Van Der Troll
Alexandra Carter ... Sapphire Trollzawa
Leah Juel ... Topaz Trollhopper
Anna Van Hooft ... Onyx Von Trollenberg
Jesse Moss ... Coal Trollwell
Matt Hill ... Rock Trollhammer
Samuel Vincent ... Alabaster Trollington III
Reece Thompson ... Simon
profile by: athena