animated cartoon Trolley Ahoy © Van Beuren Corporation
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Trolley Ahoy

Mr Bang is furious when the Toonerville Trolley isn't 'bang' on time, and storms up the tracks to The Skipper's House. He bets him $10 that he can't get the trolley to run on time. The Skipper accepts the bet, without realising that the electricity has been cut off because he hasn't paid the power bill. However his wife, Powerful Katrinka has a wind-powered solution, which ultimately leads to more chaos, as the trolley runs into a hurricane.

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This is another genuinely entertaining Van Beuren 'Toonerville Trolley' cartoon, though I think I like 'Toonerville Picnic' better. I wish they had made more than three of them. This...
Created by: Van Beuren Corporation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Burt Gillett
Musical Score by: Winston Sharples
Writing Credits: Fontaine Fox
Based on: 'Toonerville Folks' comics by Fontaine Fox

One of three Tonnerville Trolley cartoons made by Van Beuren in their final year.

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