animated series Tripping the Rift © Film Roman / CinéGroupe
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Tripping the Rift

A group of space-going misfits out for adventure, fortune and possibly some sex if it can be arranged. Led by their captain, a large purple alien named Chode who is about as low on morals as he is on intelligence, the spaceship Jupiter 42 sails the galaxy in search of cons to pull and riches to be made.

If only their steps weren't always dogged by Chode's archnemesis, the evil clown Darph Bobo...

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This series reminds me a great deal of 'South Park' in a lot of ways. It's crass and would seem to play to our most base instincts--I think no show...
Created by: Film Roman, CinéGroupe
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Stephen Root ... Chode
Maurice LaMarche ... Gus
Gayle Garfinkle ... T'nuk
Rick Jones ... Whip
Gina Gershon ... Six (2004-2005)
Carmen Electra ... Six (2005-)
John Melendez ... Spaceship Bob
Terrence Scammell ... Darph Bobo
Directed by: Bernie Denk and Jon Minnis
Executive Producers: Michel Lemire and Jacques Pettigrew
Writing Credits: Andrew Borakove, William Rosenthal, Sy Rosen, Lanier Laney, Terry Sweeney, Dode B. Levenson, Mark Amato, Jeffrey Westbrook, Adam I. Lapidus, John Unholz, Ken Goin and Dan Berendsen
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