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Treasure Planet

Takes Robert Louis Stevenson's novel "Treasure Island" and launches it into orbit to create a space-faring pirate adventure complete with spaceships, aliens and robots.

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Treasure Planet was beyond a masterpiece of 2002 even though it had rough competition. It has better characterization than Frozen or Lion King. This, Atlantis and Hunchback of Notre Dame...
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I remember reading Treasure Island as a kid, and I really liked it. About five years ago, my family and I went to Disney World, and I found out that...
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Treasure Island in Space got the go-ahead after Ron Clements and John Musker delivered the mega hits The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and the profitable Hercules. Greenlighting their baby Treasure Planet...
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Considering the direction Disney has been going the last ten years, I didnít think this movie would be worth the money I paid to get into the theater. I was...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Jim Hawkins
Brian Murray ... Long John Silver
Emma Thompson ... Captain Amelia
David Hyde Pierce ... Dr. Doppler
Martin Short ... B.E.N.
Roscoe Lee Browne ... Arrow
Michael Wincott ... Skroopf
Directed by: John Musker and Ron Clements
Produced by: John Musker and Ron Clements
Musical Score by: James Newton Howard
Writing Credits: John Musker, Ron Clements, Kaan Kalyon, Mark Kennedy, Sam Levine, Donnie Long, Alex Mann and Frank Nissen
Supervising / Directing Animators: Glen Keane, John Ripa, Ken Duncan, Sergio Pablos, Oskar Urretabizkaia, Mike Snow, T. Daniel Hofstedt and Nancy Beiman
Based on: the novel "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson

The movie steers away from the musical genre and thus does not have any singing pirates in it however it does feature a song with John Rzeznik, lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls.

The lead animator for the character Long John Silver is the very talented, Glen Keane
(best know for his soulful Beast and tree-surfing Tarzan). The character of Long John is part cyborg and part human and will be partly traditionally animated and partly computer generated.

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