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Toy Story 3

The day that the toys have been dreading has finally arrived. Andy is heading off to college and they are all about to begin new lives at a daycare. Unfortunately, playtime is a bit too rough for their taste and the gang decides it's time to bust out.

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Paradoxically I find myself agreeing with almost everything which previous reviewers have written about this film, even when they are in conflict. Since Greykitty's is currently the most recent...
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It was good, I enjoyed it, but itís still not going to top the first one in my opinion, but that could just be because I'm biased towards the first...
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Trilogies are difficult, rare is the third in a movie franchise the best one in the series,* from Alien and Jedi to The Godfather part III, to Matrix: Revolutions, the...
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I had been hearing and reading articles saying how good Toy Story 3 was... even hearing that it was the best in the entire franchise. After finally seeing it for...
Created by: Disney, Pixar
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Tom Hanks ... Sheriff Woody
Tim Allen ... Buzz Lightyear
Don Rickles ... Mr. Potato Head
Wallace Shawn ... Rex
John Ratzenberger ... Hamm
Blake Clark ... Slinky
Estelle Harris ... Mrs. Potato Head
Joan Cusack ... Jessie the Cowgirl
R. Lee Ermey ... Sergeant
Jodi Benson ... Barbie
Michael Keaton ... Ken
Ned Beatty ... Lotso
Timothy Dalton ... Mr. Pricklepants
John Morris ... Andy Davis
Laurie Metcalf ... Mrs. Davis
Directed by: Lee Unkrich
Produced by: Darla K. Anderson
Executive Producers: John Lasseter
Musical Score by: Randy Newman
Writing Credits: Michael Arndt
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