animated cartoon Tortoise Beats Hare © Warner Bros. / Leon Schlesinger Studios
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Tortoise Beats Hare

After reading the titles Bug is outraged at the whole concept of a tortoise beating him (calling the cartoon's makers 'Stupid joiks' in the process), Bugs proceeds to challenge Cecil Turtle to a race. Yet try as he might the rabbit just can't seem to make any ground; unbeknownst to him this is because of the fact that the turtle has called his extensive identical relatives to pose as him along the length of the track.

Created by: Warner Bros., Leon Schlesinger Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Mel Blanc ... Bugs Bunny, Cecil Turtle, Cecil's relatives
Directed by: Tex Avery
Produced by: Leon Schlesinger
Musical Score by: Carl W. Stalling
Writing Credits: Dave Monahan
Animated by: Charles McKimson
Based on: The Aesop fable (loosely)

Cecil Turtle's first appearance pitted against Bugs Bunny.

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