animated cartoon Too Boo or Not to Boo © Famous Studios
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Too Boo or Not to Boo

It is Halloween and Casper wants to befriend people rather than go a-haunting, yet his accompaniment of two trick or treating kids ends in disaster when they find out that he really is a ghost. Though upset that he canít find any friends even on Halloween, he soon comes upon a barn playing host to a costume party. Stumbling across a solution to his ghostly transparency in the form of some whitewash, Casper coats himself and proceeds to enter the party incognito.

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Here is another Halloween cartoon I really enjoy after watching it. This short also stars Casper the Friendly Ghost, one of my favorite cartoon characters. In this...
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This is pretty much the bog-standard, dull-type Casper fare Iíve come to expect from the little ghoul in all honestly. Basically not much happens, the fact that it is Halloween...
Created by: Famous Studios
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Cecil Roy ... Casper
Directed by: Izzy Sparber
Musical Score by: Winston Sharples
Writing Credits: Larz Bourne
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Casper & Wendy's Ghostly Adventures
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