animated movie Tom and Jerry: The Movie © Film Roman / Turner Entertainment
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Tom and Jerry: The Movie

After losing their home to development, Tom and Jerry find out the other can talk and reluctantly decide to join forces to help young runaway orphan Robyn Starling. However after Jerry overhears her greedy guardian, Aunt Fig plotting when she discovers that Robyn’s father is still alive in the mountains of Tibet, the mouse and cat find themselves heading into deep trouble.

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I for one, enjoyed this film. I found the plot to be somewhat entertaining, and funny. However, it did bore me at times, but I still liked it in the...
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SPOLIER WARNING! be honest, a disgrace to he wonderous TnJ adventures, I mean...they just had to go too far and make them talk, sing and SING about "Being friends to...
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Despite the fact of hearing Tom and Jerry talk in full sentences throughout the whole movie, the film doesn't exactly suck completly, for there are some pointers that save it...
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To watch the episode of BBC’s cartoon documentary series ‘Stay Tooned’ that covered this film (as well as the duo’s history along with some complete shorts) one may have thought...
Created by: Film Roman, Turner Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Richard Kind ... Tom
Dana Hill ... Jerry
Anndi L. McAfee ... Robyn Starling
Tony Jay ... Lickboot
Rip Taylor ... Captain Kiddie
Henry Gibson ... Doctor Applecheek
Michael Bell ... Ferdinand, Straycatcher
Ed Gilbert ... Puggsy, Daddy Starling
David L. Lander ... Frankie da Flea
Howard Morris ... Squawk
Charlotte Rae ... Aunt Pristine Figg
Directed by: Phil Roman
Produced by: Phil Roman
Executive Producers: Justin Ackerman, Hans Brockmann, Roger Mayer and Jack Petrik
Musical Score by: Henry Mancini
Songs by: Henry Mancini
Writing Credits: Dennis Marks
Based on: Characters created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara.
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